Blues Show

Blues Set / Aug 15

Hi all… Here’s a list of songs with links. You should be able to right-click or control-click to download mp3s or PDFs.

Not sure of the final set or how long we have on stage. More will be revealed!

Not in order…

Your Good Thing / D
Your Good Thing chart-REVISED | Lou Rawls – Your Good Thing (Is About To End)
Bonnie Raitt/You Tube
I love the Rawls feel. I charted the Raitt arrangement.

I’d Rather Drink Muddy Water / G / A
No chart yet | Lou Rawls – I’d Rather Drink Muddy Water
I like to start in G and modulate to A

Bird Nest Bound / Bb
Bird Nest Bound Chart | Robben Ford – 02 Birds Nest Bound

Trick Bag / A
Trick Bag Chart | Robben Ford – 08 Trick Bag

Head Shrinkin’ Woman / G
Head_Shrinking_Woman Chart | Howard Berkman – Head Shrinkin’ Woman

Great Rain / Em
Great Rain Chart | John Prine – Youtube

Get Right Church / E
Get Right Church| Heritage Blues Orchestra – 06 Get Right Church
I don’t play it much like this, but love the song.

Southern Casey Jones / C
No chart yet | Chuck Leavell – Southern Casey Jones
KT, you up for this? Tasty drum line.

Who Will Your Next Fool Be / G
Next Fool Chart | Jerry Lee Lewis
We won’t do this exactly like The Killer, but who could?

Congo Square / Am
Congo Square Chart | John Mayall Version

Don’t Ever Let Nobody Drag Your Spirit Down / A
Chart needed? | Heritage Blues Orchestra – Don’t Ever Let Nobody Drag Your Spirit Down
Kinda straight ahead for my tastes, but I love the lyrics


New Years Day / A
Demo – New Years Day
New Years Day Chart-REVISED
Acoustic demo — we’ll be electric! Think torch song.

Raining in Memphis / A / Bb
BB King tribute — Rain In Memphis Demo
Raining in Memphis Chart

You Ain’t From Texas / E
You Ain’t From Texas Chart
Original with a Lightning Hopkins feel

Cardboard Blues / D
Demo – Cardboard2